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In Māori belief: a supernatural power which can be transmitted or inherited.




Something beneficial that appears, or is provided unexpectedly or opportunely.

Biblical: the substance that is miraculously supplied as food in the wilderness (Exodus 16).

As seen on the YouTube channel MANNA

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"The imagery of the cards, Adalina Bonn's own fairy-like appearance combined with her avid ability to empathise to her readings, her solid earthy advice with strong, clear mind, and her time-to-time obviously visible physical experiences with Lupus, is a strong and convincing combination of down-to-earth presence and fairytale-mystic. She herself calls her readings 'intuitive, creative, empathic'. On top of this, she is a verbalist."

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Tiina Hölli, Artist

"The minute you started speaking, I got teary-eyed. I couldn't explain why, but you reached for me in a way no one has ever done. I felt like my sister was showing me the way out of a cave after being stuck there for a long time."

Private 1:1 Client, USA

"Words cannot describe how much your reading affected me and is helping me. It was incredibly articulate, intelligent, insightful, and genuine. I am blown away."

Brian McGowan, USA

"You nailed it with EVERYTHING you said. I will be in touch again and will refer my friends to you. You are simply …… THE BEST EVER!"

Christine Gregoriou, USA

"I am humble and grateful for your reading. It is said that all angels are clairvoyant, but not all clairvoyants are angels. Adalina, you are a good person and an example to all of us. Despite your age, you are very mature, evolved and empathetic. Empathy is the world's most important concept, but unfortunately it is still a foreign word in most languages.

Your sensitive abilities are a two-edged sword in our world, and we should all be grateful for your courage to use your sensitive skills. Thank you for making the world a better place and showing us that everything is connected with everything."

Private 1:1 Client, Norway

"I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your wonderful messages for Virgo on your YouTube channel. I have been so impressed as I have been watching a number of such readings online. Some are quite helpful or insightful, but some waste a lot of time for very little that really resonates.


Yours stand out for getting to the essence, as though you had a clear window into my deepest longings and hopes. I am Virgo Sun, Moon, Mercury and Jupiter, so many such readings do connect - but I find that yours are the most exciting, inspiring and memorable of all that I have seen.


Thank you so much dear lady. May Heaven bless your life and loving heart."

Hat Bailey, YouTube

"I’ve had many readings, watched much YouTube, spent much money… We both know that many ‘readers’ out there just ‘dot connect’. You have ‘hit the core’ with me, my lovely.

One thing for sure, if you’re not already conducting workshops, you most certainly should. You are energetic and just flow… I love your stuff lovely lady, and I will be in touch periodically for another reading with you. Keep shining bright.

You are a beautiful spirit & you know ‘which way to roll’ depending on your audience. From now on, you are my only chosen reader as we connect strongly. Not saying ‘just for me’, but that you have ‘hit the core’ of me. Love & blessings to you.”

Private 1:1 Client, Australia



Adalina Bonn is a spiritual heavyweight when it comes to exposing the shadow-self. Her weekly messages are specifically designed to illuminate the blindspots and target the blockages that are hindering your progress. Please do subscribe to the YouTube channel and join the tribe! Kia kaha.

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