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Adalina Keeley Bonn has been working intuitively for many years. A highly-sensitive empath since birth, she has learned to harness her gifts to not only survive – but to thrive – in the aftermath of abuse and spiritual attack. Adalina is on a mission to connect and collaborate with other sensitive, brave souls. She has a rare talent for sniffing out the core wounds and parasites that have infiltrated both individuals and wider social groups; once being dubbed the ‘harbinger of the subconscious’ with her uncanny ability to reveal the hidden content and secret shadows of those around her. Her presence in a situation will (without fail) highlight every single elephant in the living room. For most of her life Adalina thought that her x-ray vision was a curse, but she now understands what a powerful weapon she wields for the healing and support of others. Initially offering 1:1 sessions with clients, she now focusses solely on her weekly messages to the general public. Her messages are centred around the twelve astrological signs of the Western zodiac, but she also draws upon the creative work of artists and the movements within popular culture to deliver her stories on YouTube. Adalina has completed in-person training with some of the world's leading experts on the spirituality circuit; and she has also studied at the renowned College of Psychic Studies in London.

Over the course of her corporate career she has also worked in the secretarial office for the Prime Minister & Cabinet of New Zealand with a strong background in communications and black-tie events.



Adalina Bonn is a spiritual heavyweight when it comes to exposing the shadow-self. Her weekly messages are specifically designed to illuminate the blindspots and target the blockages that are hindering your progress. Please do subscribe to the YouTube channel and join the tribe! Kia kaha.

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