This is the perfect opportunity to get a personalised reading for a fraction of the price! You will take part in a small group of only 5 people (maximum). This will be an in-depth 60 minute reading covering: career, family, romance, personal development and/or shadow illumination - depending on the questions asked by the group. Personal guarantee: Adalina will read all of your questions and provide you with at least 10 minutes of individualised attention. You are welcome to ask 1 question for this particular reading (via the custom text box).



The first 10 minutes = general reading for the whole group.

Remaining 50 minutes = 1:1 individualised 'mini' readings per person (approximately 10 minutes per person).



Please note that the Small Group Circle is a recorded video only i.e. the session is not a live telephone or Skype call. You will be sent a private Vimeo link *password protected* approximately 2-3 days after booking your place.


IMPORTANT : The 'collective energy' of a small group will always have a specific theme in common. This is why Adalina recommends that you watch the entire video right through until the end. There will always be another member of the group who is going through a similar issue, so you might just gain some valuable insight into your own situation if you watch their 1:1 'mini' reading as well.


Please rest assured that Adalina does not need to physically see you (or hear your voice) in order to connect energetically.

Small Group Circle (60 minutes)

  • Please do not purchase multiple spaces for yourself or your friends. We currently have a lot of demand for the Small Group Circle which is why we try to keep the spaces open for as many people as possible. If you reserve multiple spaces for yourself or your friends then the order/s will be cancelled and refunded back to you immediately. We thank you in advance for your understanding.

  • As per the guidelines of the Spiritualists' National Union (SNU) every reading must be treated as an experiment and as such the success of the reading cannot be guaranteed. It is important to note that every reading is an energetic collaboration between Adalina Bonn and the customer; and as such it is vitally important that the customer fully participates in the reading with respect and an open mind. 
    It is not possible for any empath to give specific evidence required by the customer. An empath's work is to attempt to provide clear (intuitive) insights into the customer's current energies and to offer positive, supportive guidance where needed. An empath's work is not to predict the future.
    In light of the above it is important to note that no refund will be given for online readings.

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